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Hasil pencarian "astra international"
  • Asahimas Glass surges 15.38% on acquisition rumor

    02 Februari 2011 09:52 WIB
    JAKARTA: Automotive and flat glass maker PT Asahimas Flat Glass Tbk (AMFG) today skyrocketed 15.38% to IDR5,250 after a market rumor said PT Astra International Tbk (ASII), auto maker, may consider to acquire the glass producer."I heard a market rumor
  • Indonesian share rises by 0.26 points led by Astra

    02 Februari 2011 03:23 WIB
    JAKARTA: Astra International led Indonesian shares 0.26 points higher from yesterdays closing at 3,442.50 to 3,443.16 in the opening session.The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) swung within the range of 3,443.16 and 3,490.06. Of 422 stocks sustaining the
  • JCI climbs 0.85% in midday break, led by Astra International

    01 Februari 2011 05:49 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesian Stock Exchange rose 28.98 points (0.85%) to 3,438.14 at midday break from yesterdays closing at 3,409.17.The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) moved within the range of 3,411.08 3,450.79. Among 422 stock listed in the index, 116 stocks
  • JCI drops 2.25% led by Astra International

    31 Januari 2011 09:32 WIB
    JAKARTA: Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) recorded a slump of 78.44 points to end todays trading. JCI was slipped 2.25% from last week closing of 3,487.61 to 3,409.17.The index moved within the range of 3,383.16 3,487.14.Among 422 shares in the index, 22
  • Astra International leads the drop in JCI

    31 Januari 2011 06:04 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesian stocks extended the decline by sliding 83.66 points or 2.40% to 3,403.95 from the closing level last Friday at 3,487.61.Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) moved within a range of 3,383.16 3,487.14.Of 422 shares sustaining the index, 15
  • JCI rises 1.6% to 3,400.46, led by Astra

    25 Januari 2011 05:45 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) rose 1.6% or 54.40 points to 3,400.46 in line with the increase at regional market and in share price of PT Astra International Tbk.Among 423 shares listed in the Jakarta Composite Index, 136 shares rose, 48 fell
  • IHSG naik 1,6% jadi 3.400,46 terkerek saham Astra

    Saham & Sekuritas
    25 Januari 2011 05:03 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indeks harga saham gabungan naik 54,40 poin atau 1,6% menjadi 3.400,46 seiring dengan kenaikan bursa regional dan lonjakan harga saham PT Astra International Tbk.
  • JCI corrected by 4% in the opening

    21 Januari 2011 03:12 WIB
    JAKARTA: After declining yesterday, Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) was opened down by 4% or 137.99 points to 3,454.11. The decline was mainly contributed by PT Astra International and PT Bank Central Asia.The index moved between 3,453.27-3,313.20Of 423
  • Tertekan harga ASII, IHSG melorot 2,1% jadi 3.459,35

    Saham & Sekuritas
    20 Januari 2011 05:15 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indeks harga saham gabungan (IHSG) turun 57,92 poin atau 2,1% menjadi 3.459,35 terseret oleh anjloknya bursa regional dan harga saham PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) pada jeda perdagangan siang ini.
  • Astra dominates 56% national car market

    20 Januari 2011 04:46 WIB
    JAKARTA: Astra Group keeps its throne as the market leader in automotive industry by dominating 56% national market of car in 2010.The report on automotive sales released by PT Astra International Tbk yesterday revealed that last year Astra group recorded