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  • Astra International to distribute IDR1,600/share dividend

    06 Mei 2011 03:04 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesia's largest auto maker and assembler PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) has been approved by annual meeting of shareholders to distribute a final dividend of IDR1,600 per share or IDR6.47 trillion, reflecting a 45% payout ratio of its
  • FIF tingkatkan obligasinya jadi Rp3 triliun

    04 Mei 2011 12:18 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Federal International Finance, perusahaan pembiayaan motor Grup Astra, meningkatkan penerbitan obligasinya menjadi Rp3 triliun.
  • Astra Sedaya gains US$340 million loan

    03 Mei 2011 11:57 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Astra Sedaya Finance (ASF), one of Astra International's financing companies, secured US$340 million loan (IDR2.9 trillion) provided by a consortium of 13 banks.ASF President Director Djony Bunarto Tjondro said that the consortium was Standard
  • ASF kantongi pinjaman Rp2,9 triliun

    03 Mei 2011 09:55 WIB
    JAKARTA: Astra Sedaya Finance (ASF), salah satu perusahaan pembiayaan Astra International, mengantongi pinjaman senilai US$340 juta atau senilai Rp2,9 triliun dari konsorsium 13 bank.
  • Astra International revenue estimated to decline

    03 Mei 2011 01:10 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesia's largest car and motorbike maker PT Astra International Tbk is predicted to book smaller revenue in 2Q 2011 than the same period last year due to weaken automotive sector contribution. Four-wheel vehicle production is predicted to
  • Astras income soars 43%

    29 April 2011 03:50 WIB
    JAKARTA: Net income of PT Astra International Tbk during first quarter 2011 increased 43% to IDR4.3 trillion from IDR3.01 trillion in the same period last year on piercing commodity prices and high demand for consumer financing. Astra President Director
  • Laba Astra membubung 43%

    28 April 2011 11:27 WIB
    JAKARTA: Laba bersih raksasa otomotif nasional PT Astra International Tbk pada tiga bulan pertama tahun ini meningkat sebesar 43% menjadi Rp4,3 triliun dari capaian periode yang sama 2010 sebesar Rp3,01 triliun.
  • Indonesian stocks rise, led by Astra

    28 April 2011 03:14 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesian stocks climbed 0.09 point to 3,805.02 at opening today from 3,804.93 yesterday.Jakarta Composite Index moved within the range of 3,805.02 3,824.07.Of 423 stocks listed in the index 12 rose, two fell and 409 unchanged.Astra International
  • JCI gains 0.80% to 3,804.93 led by Astra International

    27 April 2011 09:49 WIB
    JAKARTA: Indonesian stocks gained 30.06 points, or 0.80% to close at 3,804.93 this afternoon from 3,774.87 yesterday. Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) swung between 3,775.15 and 3,806.96. Of 423 stocks listed in the index 113 rose, 99 fell and 211 unchanged.