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Hasil pencarian "giant"
  • Kencana Asri acquires 2 Indonesian palm companies

    07 Juli 2011 07:53 WIB
    JAKARTA: Kencana Agri Ltd, Singapore-based giant palm company belongs to Maknawi family, has acquired 99.99% stakes of PT Sawit Tiara Nusa and PT Delta Subur Permai that operates in Gorontalo and Sulawesi Tengah.According to the company official statement
  • Etika completes the acquisition of Salamie

    06 Juli 2011 03:10 WIB
    JAKARTA: Etika International Holdings Limited, the Malaysia-based giant processed food and beverage in Asia, has completed the acquisition process of 30% shares of PT Sentrafood Indonusa and PT Sentraboga Intiselera, a producer and distributor of instant
  • Panax begins to drill Sokoria power plant

    28 Juni 2011 05:05 WIB
    JAKARTA: Panax Geothermal Ltd, a giant oil and gas company listed on Australian Stock Exchange, will conduct its first drilling this year in geothermal power plant in Sokoria, Ende, Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur.The drilling of the 30 MW power plants will
  • Astra Agro boosts 28.3% crude palm oil production

    13 Juni 2011 05:31 WIB
    JAKARTA: Plantation firm PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, a subsidiary of giant automotive company PT Astra International Tbk, book 28.3% increase in crude palm oil production in a period of January-May 2011.In its investor bulletin published today, the company
  • Astra allocates US$145 million for expansion

    06 Juni 2011 12:09 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Astra International Tbk, Indonesias giant automotive company, allocates US$145 million loans as standby fund to expand its business.Such fund was still existed in the companys cash and hasnt been used, Astra Internationals spokesperson Yulian
  • Oil and gas contractors give up

    03 Juni 2011 04:12 WIB
    JAKARTA: Several contractors of oil and gas partnership contracts (KKS) said that they will not be able to accomplish oil and condensate production target, being set by government in 2011s state budget, reaching 970,000 barrel per day (bph).Those giant
  • Alfa Retailindo suffers IDR5.04 billion loss in 1Q

    01 Juni 2011 09:11 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Alfa Retailindo Tbk, a unit of retail giant PT Carrefour Indonesia, in the first quarter of 2011 suffered a total loss of IDR5.04 billion, doubling from a year earlier, on increasing cost of goods sold.The company only posted 3.82% revenue
  • Alfa tender offer at IDR4,500

    01 Juni 2011 01:33 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Alfa Retailindo Tbk, a unit of convenience stores owned by giant retailer PT Carrefour Indonesia, have tender offer at IDR4,500 or IDR9,63 billion to absorb 0.46% or 2.13 million of public shares.This price is 87.5% premium of the highest
  • India takes eyes on Golden Mines IPO

    01 Juni 2011 01:04 WIB
    JAKARTA: Coal India Ltd, India-owned giant coal miner listed in Bombay Stock Exchange last year, is targeting for the initial shares of PT Golden Energy Mines, a business unit of Sinarmas Group.The coal miners interest had been proposed amid strategic
  • Alfa Retailindo to set cash offer at 90% premium price

    31 Mei 2011 02:41 WIB
    JAKARTA: PT Alfa Retailindo Tbk, a unit of retail giant PT Carrefour Indonesia, today announces a IDR9.63 billion cash offer for the public shareholders in a bid to proceed voluntary delisting from the stock market due to illiquid stock trading.The company